Skyfish helps you monitor infrastructure or inventory much more accurately and much more frequently.

Many of these locations are either too expensive, dangerous or inaccessible for a human to inspect in detail up close on a regular basis. With Skyfish, you can make centimeter-accurate inspections with ease as often as you like.


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Up to 40% of cell tower inventory data is often out of date, with discrepancies between what is believed to be on the tower, and what is actually on the tower. Towers carrying too much or too little weight are affected by wind strain, impacting performance, safety and billing accuracy. This can result in reduced both profit and efficiency. Skyfish measures cell towers to create 3D models with 2cm vertical and 1.5cm horizontal accuracy. Plus with Skyfish, you can increase feasible inspections from every 5 years to every 6 months, making it much easier to spot changes fast.

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Power lines

When you’re assessing the status of your power lines, both day-to-day and especially after storm damage or major outages, you need critical data quickly. Projects that used to take days can be executed in hours with Skyfish. Just import a KML file and quickly generate a path with adjustable parameters for hundreds of orbits and thousands of capture points in a few clicks. It’s easy to program specific optical, thermal or LiDAR data capture along the way and then repeat flights regularly for much richer insights into your network.

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Bridges, tunnels & dams

Inspecting bridges, tunnels and dams requires phenomenal performance and flawless collision detection. The Skyfish platform delivers huge payload and exceptional flight times to make inspecting large, complex infrastructure a reality. Skyfish M6 is collision-avoidance ready for safe navigation in complex airspace, with GPS-denied capability and full Esri / Google integration.

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