We’re building a network of Skyfish pilots across the country. Our advanced modular platforms deliver incredible results to clients with less time on site for pilots.

As a pilot, everything is easier with Skyfish. Just survey the site in person, generate a flight path with Skycontrol and send the drone up. When it lands, our secure SaaS-based platform handles the data workflow for you.


5 reasons to fly Skyfish

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Our unique platform delivers better results to your client with less work for you
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Our automated planning software requires less time on site
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Simple flight path repeatability means easy future flights
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Our sophisticated 3D model and orthomosaic data deliverables expand your business offering
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Choose to work solo with your own Skyfish system, or work on contract in house with us

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Let’s discuss how the unique modular Skyfish platform can complete your tough aerial projects and get you all the precision data you need.

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