Skyfish isn’t like any other commercial drone company.

Our full stack platform gives you unparalleled control over hardware, software, sensors and onboard computing power for ultimate flexibility and real-time customization support. Create hyper accurate 3D models and orthomosaics with very little training. Just generate a flight plan, plug in the sensors you need for your project, and take off.


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Everything you need to do anything you want

The full stack SkyFish platform was architected to integrate at every step of the flight to give you supreme future proof flexibility. Here’s how it stacks up:

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Let’s explore the details…

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The tiny computer that talks to everything.

The entire Skyfish platform is controlled by one tiny computer, Skynode. It integrates with all your complex devices and sensors quickly and easily, giving you unparalleled control in planning and in flight. Already got your own drone? Skynode also controls any Pixhawk 2.1 or DJI A3-based airframe.

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A complete flight plan in just a few clicks.

Skycontrol, our industry-leading flight planning software, helps you create and execute complex flight plans in just a few clicks. Generate multiple waypoints and lines of interest, with advanced control of all your sensors, both in planning and on the move.

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Skycontrol Flight Software
Smart Gimbal
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A smarter gimbal

Skyfish Smart Gimbal.
It totally lives up to its name.

Smart Gimbal delivers unique precision angle measurement with encoded motors that connect to Skynode for capturing deep, highly accurate metadata for 2D mapping and 3D modeling. Dual multi-sensor control and room for robotic payload and additional sensors like LiDAR give you almost unlimited expansion options.

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Skyfish M6. It’s on another level.

Skyfish M6 is a world-class commercial UAV. It’s totally expandable to take on any mission. And it’s easily collapsible to fit into your work truck when you’re done.

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Skyfish M6 UAV
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3D Modeling & Data Analytics

Fast-track access to your 3D models and data

Skycloud processes hyper-accurate 3D models using all available data sources available from Skynode, including optical, thermal, navigational and LiDAR. It’s remote, it’s secure, and it’s fast – depending on the complexity of your data, you can often get access to your model within hours of your flight.

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Want to fly with Skyfish?

Our Operator Network is growing. Find out how you can become a part of the team.

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Sensor and software support
Skyfish supports a wide range of third party sensor devices. If you’ve got one you don’t see here, contact us to see if we can write a driver for it.

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