Skyfish gets you the accurate data you need to make critical decisions affecting your organization, community or location with minimal expense and without risking safety.

Skycloud works remotely to process hyper-accurate 3D models using all available data sources available from Skynode, including optical, thermal, navigational and LiDAR. It’s secure, and it’s fast – depending on the complexity of your data, you can often get access to your model within hours of your flight.


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The power industry
If you’re a power company tackling outages after a major storm, a detailed assessment of affected infrastructure can take days. With Skycloud, you can do it in hours.
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The tower industry
If you’re a cell tower provider, it’s often only economically possible to inspect each tower every 5 years. With Skycloud, you can do it every 6 months.
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Any industry
We can help any industry that relies heavily on infrastructural or situational data and supply it in one of several formats: 3D models, geo-tagged photos, a video timeline, or a simple raw data export.

3D Models

With Skyfish’s unique onboard computing, a 30 minute flight could get you a finished 3D model in 4-24 hours depending on complexity. We partner with 3D modelling leader, Bentley Systems, along with Pix4D, Agisoft and TerraSolid to provide detailed models that you can move around in to accurately get measurements or determine volumes. Depending on your sensors, you can also switch between optical, thermal, and geographic data.


Geo-tagged photos

If you don’t need the depth of 3D, Skynode can provide a series of JPGs tagged with longitude and latitude and any specific custom data for for importing into your Esri system and stretching onto a 2D map.

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Video timeline

Review a video of your flight plan to see where your drone went and where it took every photo. Add a timeline that you can scrub through to view specific data.
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Raw data export

And of course, you can always just make a raw data export to take In house for your own Esri system.
All the data you need. None of the data you don’t.

Skynode monitors every sensor at 1/60th second intervals. This means it’s very easy to generate huge amounts of data that takes a long time to process. So Skyfish makes it possible to program data capture on and off as required. This gives you all the rich data at moments when you need it, and drastically reduces redundant processing when you don’t.

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Skyfish isn’t like any other commercial drone company. Our full stack platform gives you unparalleled control over hardware, software, sensors, and additional onboard computing power for ultimate flexibility and real-time customization support.

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Better Solutions

Skyfish loves really tough projects

Whether you need to inspect infrastructure or survey a large remote area, you’ll get faster access to the precision data you need with our simple 6 step solution workflow.

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