Generate and execute complex flight plans covering unlimited waypoints and lines of interest in just a couple of clicks with Skycontrol, our industry-leading planning software.


Unlimited automatic KML waypoint generation

With Skycontrol you don’t even need to plan every waypoint. Just import a KML file and decide what you want to do. Skycontrol quickly generates a path with adjustable parameters for hundreds of orbits and thousands of capture points.

Skycontrol Flight Software
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Focus on your points of interest
Just like waypoints, you can specify an unlimited number of points of interest, then program data capture on and off as required.
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Create multiple lines of interest
Skycontrol also easily handles specific requests like flying at a particular angle or making several passes. Generating a hemispherical line of interest, it then flies at multiple angles to create comprehensive, triangulated data.
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More insight into your inventory
Export all your flight paths back to your database, making it easy to run regular, identical missions for accurate inventory insights to support forecasting and decision-making.
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Major mapping support
Skycontrol works with all major mapping platforms including Esri, Google, Bing and, along with Skyfish’s own mapping database, Streetbrew.

NASA-powered terrain support

Blending NASA terrain data with maps, Skycontrol enables correct elevation even over rough ground, while also staying below your service ceiling.

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Survey mode

Need to cover a large area? Skycontrol quickly generates grids and cross grids to cover a pre-defined location.
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No online connection out in the field?

No connection? No problem. Skycontrol allows you to cache the entire map of your operating area.

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Skyfish isn’t like any other commercial drone company. Our full stack platform gives you unparalleled control over hardware, software, sensors, and additional onboard computing power for ultimate flexibility and real-time customization support.

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Better Solutions

Skyfish loves really tough projects

Whether you need to inspect infrastructure or survey a large remote area, you’ll get faster access to the precision data you need with our simple 6 step solution workflow.

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