Bug Tracker

Skyfish Mission Control Software

  • Actual altitude and indicated altitude difference will be reconciled
  • Tower mission software will now build orbits at a minimum of 11-meter radii - (11/24/21)
  • Orbit checkbox bug will be fixed so orbits can be skipped
  • Flight plan saving – Flight plan will now be saved under the name entered in the dialog box
  • Software will now offer to re-upload the flight plan after cold swapping
  • Nudge button bugs will be fixed, adjustments will occur in a slightly more gradual fashion, but still promptly - (11/24/21)
  • Map inset button will be reprogrammed for a more user-friendly experience
  • Auto takeoff function will be adjusted to operate more intuitively
  • Yaw rate will be reduced
  • Connect boxes not filling on startup will be fixed


  • Ability to select an entire folder when uploading instead of individual photos - (11/23/21)
  • Manually enter in a negative number for lat/long - (11/30/21)
  • Adjust timeout limiter when uploading photos - (12/01/21)
  • Allow users to change email address - (12/13/21)
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