Our unique software demands a unique UAV.

Skyfish M6 is definitely exceptional all by itself. But combine it with our powerful platform, and it turns into an extensible aerial robot.


Skyfish M6 UAV
We build tools, not toys

Many commercial UAVs are based on toys. M6 is a rugged workhorse, purpose-built from the ground up to effortlessly tackle complex real world challenges.

Higher. Stronger. Further.

Skyfish M6 carries a class-leading 8lbs for 32 minutes at 3000 feet. Need to carry more for longer? The M6 Extreme delivers even greater payload and flight power.

Smart Gimbal
Add SkyFish Smart Gimbal and see the world in a whole new way

Add Smart Gimbal to M6 to unlock new possibilities with encoded motors, standard Sony Alpha and FLIR cameras, room for robotic payload and future-proof flexibility for additional sensors like LiDAR for 2D mapping and 3D modeling.

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Bigger wingspans for more stable, accurate data

The supersize M6 wingspans of 5.5ft or 8 ft (on the M6 Extreme) give your sensors a much smoother ride for capturing data that’s more stable, more detailed and more accurate.
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Packs down to the size of a suitcase

Skyfish M6 is the only large commercial UAV that easily disassembles. The carbon fiber boom arms quickly detach for travel or replacement.
Tech Specs

Let’s take a closer look

Maximum flight time: 45 minutes
Payload: 8lbs
All up weight: 39lbs
Micro controller: Skynode Compatible
GPS: Here RTK with ground station/td>
Propulsion: 18-30 inch KDE carbon fiber props
Battery: 22,000-30,000mAh 6s to 8s
Boom arms: 3k Carbon fiber with quick connect pin system
Telemetry: Encrypted 900MHz ISM Band 12 miles 2-way
Maximum speed: 60mph
Landing gear: Modular retractable
Motor model: KDE 5215XF or KDE 7215XF
Flight Controller: MAVLink supported

Explore the rest of the platform

Skyfish isn’t like any other commercial drone company. Our full stack platform gives you unparalleled control over hardware, software, sensors, and additional onboard computing power for ultimate flexibility and real-time customization support.

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Better Solutions

Skyfish loves really tough projects

Whether you need to inspect infrastructure or survey a large remote area, you’ll get faster access to the precision data you need with our simple 6 step solution workflow.

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