Skynode enables our unique platform architecture

Everything is controlled by one tiny computer, Skynode. It fully integrates with optical, thermal, navigational and LiDAR devices, along with sensors, algorithms and robotics quickly and easily. All this gives you complete control in planning and in flight – and allows you to solve more complex problems with speed and accuracy.


Isn’t it great when a flight plan comes together nicely?

Skynode is in constant communication with our flight planning software, Skycontrol. Together, they bring deep interoperation between every single component: from piloting the drone, to the main data platform, gimbal, cameras and any additional third-party sensors.

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Getting started couldn’t be easier

Skynode is a tiny 40g Linux computer with USB and Radio. Attach it to your drone, hook up the connections, and you’re ready for takeoff. Pretty much anything with a serial port or pulse-width modulation (PWM) and an API can talk to Skynode.
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Sync and process on the fly

Sync multiple sources such as location, speed, direction, gyroscopic, LiDAR, gimbal and GPS with Skynode, along with all your sensors for hyper-detailed maps and models. Plus, Skynode also pre-processes your data in flight to reduce your processing time on the ground by as much as 50%.

All the data you need. None of the data you don’t.

Skynode monitors every sensor at 1/60th second intervals. This means it’s very easy to generate huge amounts of data that would normally take a long time to process. So Skyfish makes it possible to programatically control the data capture (e.g. turn on and off) as required. This gives you all the rich data at moments when you need it, and drastically reduces redundant processing when you don’t.

Skycontrol Flight Software

Custom payload? Bring it on.

Maybe you want to mount dual cameras for comparative data analysis? Skynode loves managing whatever you can throw at it.

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Seamless data workflow

The secure, SaaS-based Skyfish platform makes exporting data to leading rendering, processing and 3D modeling tools like Bentley, Pix4D and Autodesk a breeze.
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Try out Skynode with your current drone

Skyfish was built to be modular. So Skynode isn’t just exclusive to Skyfish products. You can also bring Skynode’s precision control to any Pixhawk 2.1 or DJI A3-based airframe.

Explore the rest of the platform

Skyfish isn’t like any other commercial drone company. Our full stack platform gives you unparalleled control over hardware, software, sensors, and additional onboard computing power for ultimate flexibility and real-time customization support.

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Better Solutions

Skyfish loves really tough projects

Whether you need to inspect infrastructure or survey a large remote area, you’ll get faster access to the precision data you need with our simple 6 step solution workflow.

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