Introducing the world’s first on-board computing, navigation and open sensor platform for commercial drones.

Skyfish is architected to seamlessly connect to all your third party sensor hardware. Powerful inflight processing intelligence solves engineering-grade field challenges such as surveys, measurements, inspections and 3D modelling.


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The Skyfish Platform in a nutshell

The full stack SkyFish platform was architected to integrate at every step of the flight to give you supreme future proof flexibility. Here’s how it stacks up:

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The Skyfish platform is also able to support any Pixhawk 2.1 or DJI A3-based airframe and integrate with:
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Pick a sensor. Any sensor.

The Skyfish platform works with anything you want to connect it to: optical, thermal, navigational, radar and LiDAR devices, along with robotic equipment – and even other drones. If you’ve got a device with a serial port and an API, it’ll talk to Skyfish.

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Skyfish M6

Higher. Stronger. Further.

It’s not all about tiny measurements. We can do big numbers, too. The SkyFish M6 UAV carries a class-leading 8lbs for 32 minutes at 3000 feet. Need to carry more for longer? Ask us about the M6 Extreme, which delivers even greater payload and flight power.

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Skyfish M6 UAV
Onboard Computing
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Add superpowers to your camera for best-in-class 3D imaging

At the heart of SkyFish is Skynode, a tiny but mighty computer that doesn’t just integrate with sensors, it takes total control of them. Connect a compatible camera and Skynode can activate it, set aperture, speed and zoom, and then capture images or video automatically on the fly or manually from the ground.

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A complete flight plan in just a few clicks

Skycontrol, our industry-leading flight planning software, helps you create and execute complex flight plans in just a few clicks. Generate multiple waypoints and lines of interest, with advanced control of all your sensors, both in planning and on the move.

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Skycontrol Flight Software
Smart Gimbal
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A smarter gimbal

Extreme precision measurement

Skynode also controls the encoded motors in the Skyfish Smart Gimbal, allowing for extreme precision measurement. We recently measured a 35m tall comm tower against known data and achieved 2cm vertical and 1.5cm horizontal accuracy.

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3D Modeling & Data Analytics

Fast-track access to your 3D models and data

Skycloud processes hyper-accurate 3D models using all available data sources available from Skynode, including optical, thermal, navigational and LiDAR. It’s remote, it’s secure, and it’s fast – depending on the complexity of your data, you can often get access to your model within hours of your flight.

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Better Solutions

Skyfish loves really tough projects

Whether you need to inspect infrastructure or survey a large remote area, you’ll get faster access to the precision data you need with our simple 6 step solution workflow.

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Skyfish M6 UAV
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Buying a domestic platform isn’t just patriotic. It’s really smart.

We’re made in America. So we can satisfy security standards and solve support issues faster with our industry-leading platform and experienced customer service team.

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