We understand the importance of training because commercial grade drones and commercial grade pilots are an investment. We are staffed by Part 107 pilots who have extensive manned and unmanned aviation experience. We’ll help you build confident and competent operators through our standardized Skyfish Pilot training syllabus. When you train at Skyfish, you’ll receive shoulder to shoulder mission planning and flight instruction from our staff while we tackle missions in the field.

  • Skyfish pilots will deliver an overview of systems and software to build depth and confidence in understanding normal flight operations, troubleshooting, and maintenance.
  • Skyfish pilots will transfer our best practices and procedures while providing customized instruction to prepare your team for real world tasks.
  • Skyfish trained operators will leave with academic materials and an advanced user understanding of our mission planning environment and workflows so that he or she can operate, instruct, and evaluate within their company.

Smarter Drones. High-precision data capture.

AI-driven analysis and asset management in an integrated software suite.

Contact us and discover the industry-leading solution for ultra-precise survey, mapping,
and modeling of target infrastructure.