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Skyfish M6 Drone

The Skyfish M6 drone is specialized for industrial applications and heavy payloads, including electro-optical, thermal, and robotic. The M6 can perform specific tasks that require efficient, repeatable and accurate outcomes. Examples are: infrastructure inspections, surveying, precision measurements, mapping and geospatial data collection.

  • Survey, map, and measure any infrastructure, natural or manmade.

  • Deploy custom payloads for specific industrial workflows with ease.

  • Create ultra-precise digital twins kept safe in the AWS cloud.

  • Plan and execute complex missions with ease with Skyfish Mission Control™.

  • Telemetry and video transmission with 128 bit AES encryption.

  • Review, manage, and share data and models using Skyfish Skyportal.

M6 Front Side

Drone Design

Engineered for the toughest missions.

  • Foldable carbon polymer construction with 6 motors.
  • Supports the Sony Alpha series of cameras for up to 61 megapixels of capture, as well as thermal and LiDAR.
  • 65 mph top speed, powered by long-lasting Li-Ion batteries.
  • Capable of carrying 10 lbs for 30 minutes.
M6 Flight Time vs Payload Graph 2022

Battery Life

500+ cycles per pack

Flight Time

Up to 38 minutes

Top Speed

Up to 65 mph

Piloting Flexibility

Autonomous / Manual flight modes

High resolution

Up to 61 megapixels


Full-Sensor Compatibility

RTK locations

Highly accurate RTK locations

Survey and capture, far and wide.

Payload & Range

The Skyfish M6 drone can fly for up to 38 minutes with empty weight. Add a high-quality photogrammetry sensor and you have 34 flight minutes. The M6 can integrate many different custom payloads. Contact us to find out the flight times for your configuration.

Smarter Drones. High-precision data capture.

AI-driven analysis and asset management in an integrated software suite.

Contact us and discover the industry-leading solution for ultra-precise survey, mapping,
and modeling of target infrastructure.