Skyfish isn’t like any other commercial drone company. Our full-stack platform gives you unparalleled control over hardware, software, sensors, and additional onboard computing power for ultimate flexibility and real-time customization support.


Purpose-built for the precise measurement of critical infrastructure, survey quality mapping, and complex payload remote control.

Export your data to rendering and 3D modeling tools like Bentley, Pix4D, and Autodesk. View, manage, and store through AWS.

C1 Basic Software Screen

Skyfish makes an “end-to-end” drone technology stack and is a one-stop shop for our customers. This means that we design, manufacture, and support a full platform of drone hardware and software needed to launch and scale a drone program within your organization. Because Skyfish owns the full technology stack, we are able to provide unmatched flexibility in terms of customer integrations and specific use case requirements. Skyfish products and services are visualized in the diagram below.

Platform Diagram

Smarter Drones. High-precision data capture.

AI-driven analysis and asset management in an integrated software suite.

Contact us and discover the industry-leading solution for ultra-precise survey, mapping,
and modeling of target infrastructure.

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