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Skyfish Poised for Growth

America’s critical infrastructure is aging and has become a security concern for the newly formed Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). This infrastructure needs to be inspected and repaired or replaced.

Skyfish sells both drones and data services. We make the best drone and visual data platform in the world for the inspection, measurement and 3D modelling of infrastructure. Our ability to tightly integrate high end 3rd party sensors creates a unique ability to capture a highly detailed data set to create extremely precise 3D models or “digital twins”. This data can also be exported to automatically detect anomalies and identify risks.

The global inspection drone market is expected to reach $33.8B by 2032, according to Transparency Market Research. The opportunity is further accelerated by the U.S. Federal government banning Chinese drones (DJI), which are now being replaced by American made drones. Skyfish drones are developed and manufactured in beautiful Missoula, Montana. Our data services platform for the creation of digital twins is hosted with AWS. Having an end to end engineering grade solution is unique within the industry.

Our closest competitors are either foreign made, cater to small business/consumer markets or focus on lower quality photogrammetry (the art and science of extracting 3D information from photos). Skyfish has taken 7 years to master this niche – the barriers to entry are high, with long development cycles and regulatory walls.

Skyfish has a solid platform and is ready to scale in the marketplace. We are interfacing with large referenceable customers, revenue projections are high and with our data services, Skyfish has long tail SaaS revenue as well. Our projections show revenue doubling within 2 years.

Accelerate growth and quickly harness market share during the regulatory changes.

Business Model: Skyfish has 2 revenue streams:

1. Hardware: drones with the controllers and other components.
2. SaaS: Recurring revenue from Skyportal (AWS-based cloud and data analytics service)

This 5-year plan reflects the company’s primary objective of selling drones which then enables high-margin recurring service sales related to the creation, storage, and analysis of 3D asset models.

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