The Montana High Tech Business Alliance (MHTBA) wrote today about Skyfish’s recent financing and efforts to double its workforce in the next year.

MHTBA sat down with Skyfish CEO and Montana native, Dr. Orest Pilskalns, who described Skyfish’s technology as “transforming photos and meta-data into amazing 3D models that we house in Skyportal.” Skyfish Skyportal is a secure web-based customer data processing, visualization, and analysis system where users can upload their drone data to create, store, measure, and team-share their Skyfish-created 3D reality models. Customers can also export their 3D models for further structural analysis in frameworks such as CAD and Risa-3D. Skyportal makes the entire process from scanning to analysis easy.“The user can fly around in the model and measure objects down to a 32nd of an inch. It’s similar to a video game,” Pilskalns continued.

MHTBA refers to Skyfish’s partnership with Sony and use of Sony’s Alpha series of cameras as a necessary component in capturing the high quality data used to create a 3D reality model in Skyportal. “The company partners with Sony to gather high-definition optical data and analyzes the images through a process called photogrammetry. Photogrammetry correlates, triangulates, warps, and stitches the metadata of thousands of photos algorithmically into a precise “digital twin” model.

MHTBA quotes Steven Bernstein, Chairman and Founder of SBA Communications (and the newest addition to Skyfish’s board of directors), “After speaking with Skyfish customers, we quickly understood that Skyfish is unique in the commercial drone world, producing precise, engineering-grade drone enabled photogrammetry and 3D models of infrastructure. These are the best cell tower digital-twin models I’ve seen and could significantly enhance the cell tower industry’s inspection, measurement and mount mapping processes.”

MHTBA covers Skyfish’s efforts to double its Montana workforce in the next year. The company is based in Stevensville, Montana, just 30 miles south of Missoula. “It’s amazing where you can find talent,” said Pilskalns. “We placed a few radio ads just to let people know we’re here. In addition we utilize Craigslist and Indeed. We’re finding amazing software, electrical, and mechanical engineering talent right here in Montana.” Skyfish job openings can be viewed here.

About Skyfish — Autonomous Work Drones

Founded by mapping technology pioneer Dr. Orest Pilskalns, Skyfish is headquartered in beautiful Stevensville, Montana, creating a local thriving community of mapping, modeling and radar technology specialists. The company’s full (UAS) technology stack, autonomous navigation platforms, and precision measurement capability are mission-built for engineering and critical infrastructure targets requiring ultra-high levels of inspection performance, measurement, and accuracy.