Skyfish makes the best drone platform in the world for 3D reality modeling, inspection, and precision measurement of transportation infrastructure.

Aging transportation infrastructure needs to be inspected, repaired, and replaced. The Skyfish platform captures the extremely high-quality data necessary to produce engineering-grade 3D reality models or “digital twins”. 3D models can be utilized to measure exact dimensions, weights, cracks, and other structural inadequacies or complications.

The Skyfish platform includes drones (Skyfish M4 and Skyfish M6), an onboard computer and autonomous flight engine, a remote controller, flight planning and navigation software, and a web portal (Skyportal) for processing, storing, analyzing crystal clear 3D model “digital twins”, ideal for team sharing and export to CAD. Because Skyfish makes and owns the full platform, we are able to inspect, manage, map, and model transportation infrastructure faster, better, cheaper, and more accurately than anyone else.

Skyfish is American Made, NDAA Compliant, and Army DEVCOM Airworthiness Level 3 Certified. Approved for federal and state government purchasing.

About Skyfish — Precision Drones for Engineering

Founded by mapping technology pioneer Dr. Orest Pilskalns, Skyfish drones are made in America. is headquartered in beautiful Stevensville, Montana, creating a local thriving community of mapping, modeling, and radar technology specialists. The company’s full (UAS) technology stack, autonomous navigation platform, and precision measurement capability are mission built for engineering use cases and critical infrastructure targets requiring highly accurate inspection, measurement, and analysis. Contact for more info.

Skyfish Sales Contact: Paul Tardif | | 1–770–265–4793

For more information on Skyfish and its M4 and M6 drones, visit