Onboard Computing

Skymind™: the tiny computer that talks to everything.

Skymind™ integrates and controls all sensors and flight navigation. Pretty much anything with a serial port, USB, I2C, pulse-width modulation (PWM), and an API can communicate with Skymind™. This includes optical, thermal, navigational, and LiDAR devices, along with sensors, algorithms, and robotics.

The data and images collected by Skymind™ are used to create the most pristine digital twin 3D models available today.

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Push Button Autonomous Flight

Operating in real-time, Skymind™ is able to deliver a truly autonomous flight experience. When placed at the foot of your target infrastructure, a Skyfish drone can execute a complex flight path from start to finish with total accuracy.

Custom Payloads

Skymind™ is able to integrate with custom sensors and payloads for any industry workflow. Contact Skyfish to learn how we can support your payload specifications. We love solving hard problems.

Smarter Drones. High-precision data capture.

AI-driven analysis and asset management in an integrated software suite.

Contact us and discover the industry-leading solution for ultra-precise survey, mapping,
and modeling of target infrastructure.

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