While some drone systems might fly away from tough problems, Skyfish was designed to fly into them, solve them and fly home.

Connect Skyfish to your preferred combination of optical, thermal, navigational, radar and LiDAR devices – or even robotic equipment and send it up to capture the data you need.


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Inspection and Measurement Solutions

We’ll help you inspect, measure and monitor your infrastructure or inventory much more accurately and much more frequently. Examples often include cell towers, pylons, bridges and dams. Many of these locations are either too expensive, dangerous or inaccessible for human inspection up close on a regular basis. With Skyfish, you can make centimeter-accurate inspections with ease as often as you like.

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Survey Solutions

Surveying large, remote areas manually for Engineering, Law Enforcement or Search & Rescue purposes is time-consuming and time-sensitive, with key items sometimes overlooked due to human error. With SkyFish, you can utilize powerful aerial mapping and NASA terrain data, blended with optical and thermal cameras to efficiently scan grids covering a pre-defined location.

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The Skyfish 6 Step Workflow

No matter what kind of project you’re deploying Skyfish to solve, you can complete your workflow in just 6 simple steps.


Survey your site or location


Create a flight plan with Skycontrol


Send your flight plan to Skynode onboard your drone and execute the flight


Retrieve any camera data


Sync your data


Finally, export your data to either your GIS/Esri system or upload to Skycloud for 3D modeling and data analytics.

Got a tough aerial problem you need help solving?
There’s nothing we love better than finding new problems for the Skyfish platform to solve. If you got something needing a solution that goes above and beyond, get in touch.

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