We have heard your questions and will be answering them in a series of webinars, beginning with Webinar 1: Skyfish Platform Overview

Webinar 1: Skyfish Platform Overview will occur on Wednesday, February 3rd at 2–3pm EST, and again on Tuesday, February 9th at 2–3pm EST.

Below are your most frequently asked questions, all of which will be answered in Webinar 1:

  • Who is Skyfish, and what have we accomplished during our years of R&D stealth mode?
  • What type of weather can Skyfish drones be flown in? How wind resistant are our drones? What is our IP rating?
  • What is the flight range of Skyfish drones? How far from the pilot can our drones fly?
  • What are our Return to Launch (RTL) options? Can Skyfish drones autonomously return to starting position?
  • Does Skyfish have an off-the-shelf configured craft that can do a polygon survey? Is it easy to set up a polygon survey in our flight planning software, Skyfish Mission Control™?
  • Can Skyfish drones configure with different photogrammetry sensors other than the Sony® Alpha 7iv?
  • Skyfish talks a lot about photogrammetry, but can we integrate other types of sensors like LiDAR, OGI, and thermal?
  • Does Skyfish use RTK? What is Skyfish’s accuracy on X, Y, and Z axes? (It’s the best.)
  • Does Skyfish have a non-RTK solution?
  • Can users access Windows® 10 OS on the Skyfish C1 remote controller?
  • How easy to use is our flight planning software, Skyfish Mission Control™?
  • What do Skyfish’s 3D models look like? (Get ready for a tour!)

We are excited to answer all of these questions and more. See you on Zoom!

Skyfish is an end-to-end, engineering-grade commercial drone platform — designed, manufactured, tested, and supported in America. Pictured above (from left to right): Skyfish M6 drone, Skyfish M4 drone, Skyfish C1 remote controller, Skyfish Mission Control flight software, and Skyportal 3D modeling and secure customer data center.